[PDF] Why private military and security companies should be regulated

Author: José Luis Gómez del Prado, Published on: 3 September 2010

[T]he independent experts of the UN Working Group on mercenaries have arrived to the logic conclusion that a new binding international legal instrument is necessary to regulate and monitor the activities of private military and security companies (PMSC) The reasons are developed in the present article… The [proposed] international instrument would stipulate the development of a national regime of licensing, regulation and oversight of the activities of PMSCs… [It] would also provide for the establishment of an international Register of PMSCs…[T]he proposed convention would apply not only to States but also to intergovernmental organizations…[It] is aimed at ensuring that, in order to protect human rights, States take the necessary measures to promote transparency, responsibility and accountability in their use of PMSCs and their personnel, and that they establish mechanisms for the rehabilitation of victims.

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