People & Planet Award Winners: 3 small businesses honored empowering workers in developing nations, conflict zones

Author: Investor Ideas, Published on: 14 December 2014

"People & Planet Award Winners: 3 Small Businesses Honored Empowering Workers In Developing Nations, Conflict Zones", 11 Dec 2014

In a time of rising global poverty and disparities in wealth, Green America is recognizing three American small businesses that are combatting these ills by economically empowering workers in developing nations and conflict zones, including Palestine, Ghana, and India.

These three small businesses are the winners in Green America's quarterly "People & Planet Award," which recognizes innovative small U.S. businesses that deeply integrate environmental and social considerations into their strategies and operations. The winners of this quarter's award, focusing on worker empowerment, are: Canaan Fair Trade, Madison, WI; Meta Traders, Chicago, IL; and Ojoba Collective, Portland, OR. Each of three winners will receive $5,000. The three small businesses were selected by the public during a month-long online voting period at Green America's website...


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