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Peru: Chinese aluminum producer Chinalco facing local criticism about lack of consultation & resettlement

After severe mudslides caused by underground operations at Chinalco mine, Shougang Group relocated over 5,000 residents to a new town they built in 2013. Some community members have voiced criticism about lack of consultation and unwanted resettlement, as well as labor-related concerns. The company plans to expand its operations in central Peru.

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Author: Equidad


“秘魯違反了保護本國受中國礦業投資負面影響的個人和社群的權利的義務”, 2017年5月19日

…秘魯,作為中國礦業投資的對像國,必須防止、調查、懲罰和恢復與這些投資項目相關的人權侵害…在勞工領域,在秘魯運營的數家中國礦業公司因忽視工作中的基本權利而備受關注,如首鋼(Shougang)秘魯公司。該公司支付給工人的薪水極低,導致了激烈的社會—勞工衝突;長時期以來,該公司還因其惡劣的反工會行為和侵犯工人為改善工作條件行使的集體談判權而遭到譴責…在五礦資源有限公司(MMG Limited)——中國五礦集團公司(China Minmetals)的子公司——經營的拉斯班巴斯(Las Bambas)項目中,秘魯常因保護礦工的勞動權利不力而受到質疑…雖然秘魯簽署的數項國際人權公約承認所有人享有充分住房的權利,及享有利於健康且受保護的環境的權利,但在中鋁秘魯公司(Chinalco Peru SA)運營的特羅莫克(Toromocho)銅礦項目中,這些權利並沒有得到國家的充分保障…甚至據報,被遷離的當地人稱中鋁秘魯公司的人員…該公司還將酸性廢水排入Huacrococha和Huascacocha兩個潟湖……廈門紫金銅冠投資發展有限公司(Xiamen Zijin Tongguan Investment Development Corporation)經營的里奧布蘭科(Rio Blanco)銅礦項目因皮烏拉(Piura)的Ayabaca、Huancabamba Segunda 和Cajas y Yana等農業社區的反對而被叫停…

Download the full document here

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Author: Equidad


“秘鲁违反了保护本国受中国矿业投资负面影响的个人和社群的权利的义务”, 2017年5月19日

…秘鲁,作为中国矿业投资的对象国,必须防止、调查、惩罚和恢复与这些投资项目相关的人权侵害…在劳工领域,在秘鲁运营的数家中国矿业公司因忽视工作中的基本权利而备受关注,如首钢(Shougang)秘鲁公司。该公司支付给工人的薪水极低,导致了激烈的社会—劳工冲突;长时期以来,该公司还因其恶劣的反工会行为和侵犯工人为改善工作条件行使的集体谈判权而遭到谴责…在五矿资源有限公司(MMG Limited)——中国五矿集团公司(China Minmetals)的子公司——经营的拉斯班巴斯(Las Bambas)项目中,秘鲁常因保护矿工的劳动权利不力而受到质疑…虽然秘鲁签署的数项国际人权公约承认所有人享有充分住房的权利,及享有利于健康且受保护的环境的权利,但在中铝秘鲁公司(Chinalco Peru SA)运营的特罗莫克(Toromocho)铜矿项目中,这些权利并没有得到国家的充分保障…甚至据报,被迁离的当地人称中铝秘鲁公司的人员…该公司还将酸性废水排入Huacrococha和Huascacocha两个泻湖……厦门紫金铜冠投资发展有限公司(Xiamen Zijin Tongguan Investment Development Corporation)经营的里奥布兰科(Rio Blanco)铜矿项目因皮乌拉(Piura)的Ayabaca、Huancabamba Segunda 和Cajas y Yana等农业社区的反对而被叫停…

Download the full document here

19 May 2017

Peru: Civil Society submits report to the UN Human Rights Council about extraterritorial obligations of Chinese companies

Author: Equidad

“The Peruvian State breaches its duty to protect the human rights of individuals and communities negatively impacted by Chinese mining investments in Peru”

…Peru, as a target state of Chinese investments in mining, must prevent, investigate, punish and repair human rights harm related to these investment projects…In the labor field, several Chinese mining companies operating in Peru stand out because of their ignorance of fundamental rights at work. An example of this is the Chinese mining company Shougang, where low remunerative levels prevail, high levels of socio-labor conflict, as well as a long history of denunciations of bad anti-union practices and violation of the right of workers to collectively negotiate the improvement of their conditions of employment…In the case of the “Las Bambas”, mining project operated by MMG Limited, a subsidiary of China Minmetals, the State is frequently questioned because of its inability to safeguard the labor rights of mining project workers…Although several international human rights treaties to which Peru is a party recognize the right of all people to adequate housing and a healthy and protected environment, Perú fails to protect the rights against the, Chinese mining company Chinalco Peru SA, in charge of the mining project “Toromocho”, in which these rights are not being adequately guaranteed by the State…It has even been reported the case of a population of the city that was displaced that reported that personnel of Chinalco Peru S.A…The same that has also been object of repairs to pour acid waters in the lagoons of Huacrococha and Huascacocha… In the case of the “Rio Blanco” mining project by Xiamen Zijin Tongguan Investment Development Corporation, the project has been stopped by the opposition of the peasant communities of Ayabaca and Huancabamba Segunda and Cajas y Yana in Piura…[See previous MMG company statement in November 2016]

Download the full document here

5 February 2013

“Mining: Andean concessions”

Author: Andres Schipani, for Financial Times

February 5th, 2013

Perched at an altitude of 5,200m in the Peruvian Andes, the newly built town soon to be christened Nueva Morococha is an incongruous sight, its immaculate rows of matching red roofs dominating the bowl-shaped valley below…Chinalco, a Chinese mining company, has built the settlement from scratch to relocate about 3,500 people from the village of Morococha – a former mining camp built on a slag heap in the early 1900s…Chinalco’s motive for relocating the villagers is visible in the scars gouged across the cone-shaped, ochre mountain that looms over the old village. It is here on Toromocho– the bull with no horns – that Chinalco is investing $2.2bn in a copper mine and processing facility. The villagers of Morococha are, quite simply, in the way…The problem is that not everyone is ready to move immediately. Marcial Salomé, the mayor, has defied Chinalco and has pledged not to move to the new village until he gets what he believes is owed to his people…Back in Toromocho, Chinalco is pressing ahead. To Ezio Buselli, the company’s vice-president of environmental and corporate affairs, the crux of the problem is that investments in Peru have advanced at a faster pace than social policies, and many people feel left behind…“When there is a bonanza, everyone wants to invest,” he says. “When everyone invests, then everyone wants to jump on board.”

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3 July 2012

“In Peru, Chinese mining firm moves a town to get to the copper underneath”

Author: The Globe & Mail (Canada)

July 03, 2012

High in the Andes mountain range, a Chinese mining company is now in the housing construction and demolition business as it works to relocate a Peruvian town that sits in the way of its $2.2-billion (U.S.) Toromocho copper mine…By late July, state-owned miner Chinalco says it will finish building a new city of paved roads and multistorey homes for 5,000 people currently living on the side of a giant red mountain of copper 4,500 metres above sea level…Residents from the poor, ramshackle town of Morococha, where children attend school steps away from discarded mine tailings, will get access to amenities they currently lack, like modern water, sewage and electrical systems. They will all also own their homes and no one will need to pay rent...“A project of this size has generated very high hopes,” said Pedro Salazar, Chinalco’s representative in Nueva Morococha, standing in front of rows of homogeneous homes with white walls and red roofs. “Other mining firms are looking at this as a point of reference.”…The stalled Rio Blanco copper project in northern Peru was stymied by bouts of violence before and after it was bought in 2007 by Zijin of China. A Peruvian iron ore mine owned by China’s Shougang Group has been dogged by labour and safety tensions since it was bought in 1992...Chinalco and other firms say they are trying to chart a different course, responding to pressure from the government and communities to be more socially responsible.

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13 August 2009

“The dragon in the backyard”

Author: The Economist

August 13th, 2009

…Their arrival coincides with, and is partly a consequence of, two other developments…The rise of China prompted much gloom in Latin America a decade ago. Since average wages in China are a fifth to two-fifths of those in Latin America, it was thought that much of the region's labour-intensive manufacturing industry would be wiped out. That is why Latin American countries have tabled more anti-dumping actions against China at the WTO than has the United States…Toromocho is just one of three big investments in copper projects in Peru. Chinese companies have become the biggest foreign investors in Ecuador's oil industry…The first Chinese investment was by Shougang, which bought an iron-ore mine in 1992. It brought in 350 Chinese staff, and acquired a bad reputation because of constant troubles with the Peruvian workforce. In contrast, points out Luis Chang, a former Peruvian ambassador in Beijing and a consultant to Chinese firms, Toromocho has just three Chinese managers and the CEO is a Canadian…

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