Peru: Communities occupy highway and reclaim their land rights in conflict with the Las Bambas project; with comments by the company

Author: CONVOCA.PE; OCMAL (Peru), Published on: 29 June 2019

[Excerpt translation from Spanish provided by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

A group of community members from Apurímac occupied a stretch of the highway leading to Las Bambas [part of MMG, part of China Minmetals], the most important mining project in Peru…But they are not the only ones protesting: 16 families are resisting abandoning their lands while more than three meters high trucks transport thousands of tons of copper to the interior of the pit every month…Communities surrounding this mega-project arrived with a team, and the newspaper La República to confront the grey zones [of the] Las Bambas case file … The Frente de Defensa de los Intereses de la Provincia de Cotabambas (Front of Defence of the Interests of the Province of Cotabambas) claims they are awaiting decisions [stacked] in the offices of the Ministry of Energy and Mines… Until today there was no consultation with the villagers about the changes that were made to the Environmental Impact Study approved in March of 2011…The mining company Las Bambas, property of MMG Limited, responded through e-mail to that “the company will respect all of its commitments that were made with the community” and that “some families do not wish to move (from Fuerabamba) because they insist that before being bestowed additional individual and particular compensation, on top of what was agreed upon and signed with the same community”. The company assures that the community of Fuerabamba transferred their lands through a public deed of exchange, on November 23rd, 2011…        

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