Peru: In the environmental audit, Ombudsman’s office warns about grave risks for mining companies if they cease contributions to the state

Author: Servindi, Published on: 13 May 2019

[Excerpt translation from Spanish provided by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

The Ombudsman’s office warns about the high risk that the environmental auditing of mines would have, following the decision by the Tribunal Constitutional (Constitutional Tribunal) about the constitutionality of the “contribution by regulation”. That applies to the mining companies that showed diverse processes of protection, since they were part of the group that support said contribution to the Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental (OEFA) (the Environmental Auditing and Evaluation Body). Nevertheless—says the Ombudsman’s office--, without the contributions coming from this regulation, the OEFA could lose up to 74 percent of their budget for environmental auditing in 2019. “The environmental auditing is of maximum importance for the protection of the rights to a healthy environment in our country, since it assures the respect of environmental normativity with benefits the environment, life and health”…Because of this, it considers that for OEFA to count on technical capacity, autonomy and budget sustainability an efficient work must be permitted to it. In this sense, the supervised companies must assume all the costs of the environmental audit. If not that way, then the audit organisation’s assigned role would be gravely affected. The Ombudsman’s office also remembers that OEFA is responsible for the environmental supervision of important extractive projects like Las Bambas [part of MMG, part of China Minmetals], Antapaccay [part of Glencore] and the petroleum activities in Lots 8 and 192… 

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