Peru: Indigenous peoples affected by oil industry call for remedy, reject draft legislation allegedly favouring Karoon Energy

Author: Cultural Survival, Published on: 11 December 2014

Peru: Indigenous Leaders Denounce State's Inability to Regulate Oil Industry- December 5, 2014

Representatives from the Amazon region of Peru spoke at the conference on [Climate Change] exposing deep contamination from petroleum extraction in four river basins that are tributaries to the Amazon river…[asking for] an immediate remediation of these harmful effects, and the provision of clean drinking water to all of the residents in the affected areas…On November 12th, the government presented a new regulation, known as the Environmental Ruling on Hydrocarbons...[that] fails to require the establishment of the Free, Prior, Informed Consent of Indigenous Peoples regarding the extraction of petroleum on their lands…[and] an Environmental Impact Assessment for exploration activities in the ocean, coastal regions, or mountain ranges, mentioning only its necessity in the case of exploration in rainforested parts of the country…[The] hacker group Anonymous Peru showed that Petroleum company Karoon Energy International intervened in the drafting of the bill by providing “technical knowledge” for its wording. Not surprisingly, Karoon currently holds a license for petroleum exploration in the ocean along the northern coast of Peru, and are now exempt from conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment under the new law…

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