Peru: Pacific Stratus Energy decides to abandon concession in the Amazon, habitat of non-contacted indigenous peoples

Author: The Guardian (UK), Published on: 2 May 2017

“Canadian oil firm pulls out of national park in Peru's Amazon” - 24 April 2017 

A Canadian-headquartered company, Pacific Exploration and Production, has pulled out of a huge oil and gas concession overlapping a new national park in the Peruvian Amazon. The concession, Lot 135, includes approximately 40% of the Sierra del Divisor national park established in 2015…The concession has provoked opposition in Peru and just across the border in Brazil for many years, including regular statements since 2009 from indigenous Matsés people in both countries and a lawsuit recently filed by regional indigenous federation ORPIO. Both Lot 135 and the park overlap territory used by the Matsés and a proposed reserve for indigenous people living in “isolation.” …Institutional Relations and Sustainability Manager Alejandro Jimenez Ramirez told Survival in a letter dated 13 March 2017: As you may know, the company…has made the decision to relinquish its exploration rights in Block 135 and return the block to Perupetro…effective immediately. To date legal processes are underway. . . [W]e wish to reiterate the company’s commitment to conduct its operations under the highest sustainability and human rights guidelines, avoiding damages to cultures and their surroundings; a value promise we feel remains intact…The lawsuit was filed in November 2016, but to date the judge has not formally responded…

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