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Peru: Photographs "confirm" torture of peasants who protested against Majaz Mining

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28 June 2008

[PDF] Rio Blanco holds legally valid permits for the use of surface land of the Peasant Communities of Yanta and Segunda y Cajas

Author: Rio Blanco Copper S.A.

On June 11th of this year, the Environment and Ecology Work Group of the Andean, Amazonian, and Afroperuvian People, Environment and Ecology Commission of the Peruvian Congress delivered a report which alleges that the Rio Blanco Project...is illegally occupying part of the lands of the Peasant Communities of Yanta and Segunda y Cajas. This opinion is an incorrect allegation...In response, Rio Blanco Copper S.A. [part of Monterrico Metals, owned by Zijin] wishes to inform the members of Congress, groups opposed to mining activity and the general public that the company does hold legally valid, binding and current rights over the surface lands currently occupied by the company’s mining project, the Rio Blanco Project.

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9 January 2009

Photographs confirm torture of peasants who protested against Majaz Mining [Peru]

Author: National Coordinator for Human Rights (CNDDHH)

Since 2003 the Majaz Mining Company, today called Rio Blanco [part of Monterrico Metals, owned by Zijin], operates irregularly in the land of peasant communities...for not having the consent of two thirds of the community assembly’s...By the end of July 2005 the community members initiated a pacific march towards the mining camp...When they arrived to the mining camp on August 1st 2005, the community members were...received...by a strong police contingent who repressed them brutally...29 people, including two women and the journalist Julio Vázquez Calle, were intercepted and taken inside the mining camp...they remained kidnapped during three days, besides being subjects of diverse forms of physical and psychological torture. As well as being wildly beaten...they were kept hooded with sacks sprayed with tear powder and blindfolded, with no warm clothes in spite of the low temperatures...The women were subject of diverse kinds of humiliation of sexual character. And all were threatened and humiliated verbally in many ways...the security personnel of Majaz Mining Company...directly intervened in the facts. The tortures took place inside the mining camp...A few days ago, the National Coordinator of Human Rights had access to a set of photographs that, anonymously delivered, corroborates the alleged torture that in time was denunciated by the community members...The...march...also had the tragic result of the death of...Melanio García.

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13 January 2009

Peru protesters say tortured by police, miner

Author: Dana Ford, Reuters

People who protested in 2005 against a massive copper project in northern Peru…on Tuesday aired allegations they were tortured by police and mine personnel…The protesters said at least 28 members from their communities…were kidnapped and brutally beaten [with one left dead] after peacefully protesting against the development of the $1.4 billion Rio Blanco mine...The mining development is run by Monterrico Metals of Britain, which was bought by Zijin Mining Group…in 2007...Prime Minister Yehude Simon promised to personally review the torture allegations…The police have not responded to the allegations...Andrew Bristow, investor relations manager at Monterrico, declined to comment on the merit of the torture case…

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16 January 2009

[PDF] The company rejects all types of violence and reinforces its respect for human rights

Author: Rio Blanco Copper S.A.

Due to recent news published in the media about alleged human rights violations inside the camp of the former Minera Majaz (in August 2005), RIO BLANCO COPPER S.A. [part of Monterrico Metals, owned by Zijin] announces to national, regional and local authorities and the general public the following: 1. Rio Blanco Copper S.A. is the name of the company under which we have been working since December 2007. It represents the interests of a financial group completely different from those represented by Minera Majaz S.A., which was the owner of the mining project during the time of the deplorable acts mentioned above. 2. We are grateful for the vigilance of the media, other civil institutions and the relevant authorities...and we feel confident that the truth of these acts will be established and judged...

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Company response
2 April 2009

Response by Río Blanco Copper (part of Monterrico Metals): National Coordinator for Human Rights says new photographs confirm torture of peasants who protested against Majaz Mining (now Río Blanco Copper).

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