Petition to Inter-American Commission over health impacts of chemical & petroleum factories in Mossville, Louisiana, USA

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23 June 2008

[PDF] Second Amended Petition [to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights] and Petitioners' Observations on the Government's Reply Concerning the United States Government's Failure to Protect the Human Rights of the Residents of Mossville, Louisiana,...

Author: Nathalie Walker & Monique Harden of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, for petitioners Mossville Environmental Action Now & residents of Mossville

People living in Mossville suffer from severe health problems, elevated levels of cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemicals, a devastated environment, and a deteriorated quality of life, all of which arise from governmental approvals of highly toxic industrial development in and around Mossville. The United States government and its political subdivisions have authorized fourteen industrial facilities to manufacture, process, store, and discharge toxic and hazardous substances in close geographic proximity to Mossville residents... [The] environmental and health agencies of the United States...have failed to adequately address this environmental health crisis that denies Mossville residents their fundamental human rights to life, health, and privacy. Furthermore, although the United States government has acknowledged the pervasive pattern of discrimination that subjects racially disproportionate toxic pollution burdens, the United States government has failed to protect the human right to freedom from racial discrimination.
[refers to Entergy, PPG. ConocoPhillips, Georgia Gulf, Lyondell (now LyondellBasell, part of Access Industries), Sasol, Air Liquide, CertainTeed (part of Saint-Gobain), Tetra Technologies, Excel Paralubes (joint venture Flint Hills Resources [part of Koch Industries] & ConocoPhillips), PHH Monomers (joint venture Georgia Gulf & PPG Industries), Biolab Inc. (part of Chemtura)]

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15 August 2007

Companies' responses to concerns about environmental health in Mossville/Lake Charles region, Louisiana, USA

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Includes responses by Entergy, PPG. ConocoPhillips, Georgia Gulf, Lyondell did not respond. Sasol has indicated that it is preparing a response. The report also notes that additional industrial facilities are nearby...companies that have (or previously had) facilities in the area provided clarifying statements about their operations: Air Liquide, CertainTeed (part of Saint-Gobain), Tetra Technologies]

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