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Petitioners accuse Google of censoring Youtube videos regarding coronavirus situation in China

Author:, Published on: 3 March 2020

“Google is censoring legitimate YouTube videos about the new coronavirus in China”

Google has recently started censoring all YouTube videos regarding the new coronavirus situation in China.  Majority of these videos are legitimate.  These videos covers news conferences from government officials, current situations and reactiions from Chinese citizens who are affected, and YouTubers who shares their views on the situation based on factual news and events.

Google has either remove the videos from the YouTube site or has removed all advertisements from these vidoes.

Google needs to improve their censorship tools and the censorship validation process.  As a result of Google's inappropriate use of their censorship tools, many voices who represents the view of the citizens are being silenced.

Google must either stop these inappropriate censorships immediately or enhance the validity of their censorship tools, in order to avoid silencing the news media from deliverying factual news and opinions of the current situations related to the new coronavirus.  News media in Hong Kong have been affected the most.  However this inappropriate censorship must be corrected in all regions of the world.

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