Petrochemicals firm SIBUR launches a long-term “Business for environment” programme [Russia]

Author: “Neft Rossii” [Russia], Published on: 25 May 2011

[Title translation and summary translation of the original Russian language article provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]
The Russian petrochemical company SIBUR has initiated a charity programme “Business for environment”. It will support environmental initiatives and educational programmes in the vicinity of the companies’ operations. SIBUR is offering financial and administrative support to non-governmental environmental organizations developing relevant ideas and projects. According to the company’s press office, the management has already approved funding for 18 environmental projects, including urban landscape gardening, awareness-raising campaigns, obtaining equipment for environmental monitoring, events in children’s institutions and so on. SIBUR has also strengthened its own environmental policy. Based on the results of the company’s activity in 2010, it plans to spend 2.6 billion rubles to carry out environmental measures - 97% more than the previous year. Furthermore, the company has published an overview entitled, “Petrochemistry and environment,” which analyzes the environmental aspects of the industry.

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