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1 September 2009

Uganda: Int'l Alert says conflict risks of oil production overlooked

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1 September 2009

[PDF] Harnessing Oil for Peace and Development in Uganda

Author: Internatonal Alert

International Alert’s research suggests that government, development partners, companies and other key stakeholders...have to date placed limited emphasis on assessing and mitigating specifically the conflict risks that might be associated with Uganda...

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16 April 2008

[PDF] Sudan's Oil Industry - Facts and Analysis

Author: Fatal Transactions and European Coalition on Oil in Sudan

The purpose of this dossier is to provide an overview of Sudan’s oil industry and serve as a background document to all those wishing to learn more about the country’s contentious oil issues. The many tables with data in the first two chapters help the...

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13 May 2007

Dirty business beware! [So. Africa]

Author: Sharda Naidoo, Business Times [So. Africa]

The government is clamping down on the country’s biggest industrial polluters in a fresh bid to cut hazardous gas emissions. This week state environmental management inspectors...started a countrywide crackdown on refineries and the iron, steel and...

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