Philippines: Local residents threatened with eviction by TVI Pacific - say company has already desecrated sacred land & polluted farmland

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14 February 2005

Mining Company tells Subanen Community to Cooperate or Face Immediate Eviction [Philippines]

Author: Maryanne Mutch, DCMI (DIOPMIN Community on Mining Issues)

Eighty-six Subanen families face immediate eviction from their Ancestral Domain at the hands of the Canadian Mining company TVI Pacific Inc. (TVI)

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27 January 2005

company website: "Corporate Responsibility / Environmental Management & Social Stewardship"

Author: TVI [Toronto Ventures Incorporated] Pacific

Exemplary Environmental Management and Environmental Protection; Proactive Social Stewardship; Dismantling of the Illegal Small-scale Mining Operations; Bringing Security to the Community...the small-scale miner community, backed by powerful financial interests, secured the help of...NGOs, and led a classic provocation/protest campaign, financing people to act in civil disobedience and trumping up charges of human rights violations...

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