Pinochet's lost millions: the UK connection

Author: Hugh O'Shaughnessy, The Independent [UK], Published on: 24 August 2009

[A] report by Brilac, the Chilean police task force, says that the freeze on [Chilean] dictator's [Augusto Pinochet's] funds issued in 1998…was in effect ignored by the financial sector in Britain…Professor David Sugarman, the director of the Centre for Law and Society at Lancaster University [said]: "It looks like some of the banks holding Pinochet's funds did not comply with the letter and spirit of their duties of disclosure, due diligence and the legal requirement to report suspicious circumstances."…The Brilac report shows that Riggs [part of PNC Financial Services]…was used as a moneybox by the detained ex-dictator…A one-time representative of Deloitte & Touche, Richard Evans, is alleged by the Brilac report to have acted in connection with [Pinochets] Ashburton Trust. [Includes statement by Deloitte & Touche] [also refers to Abanda Finance, Althorp Investment Trust, Ashburton, Belview International, Sociedad de Inversiones Belview, Cornwall Overseas, Eastview Finance, GLP, Tasker Investments]

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