Poland: Welders from No. Korea working in Gdansk shipyard - Korean Govt. threatens their families with labour camps if they leave

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24 January 2007

[DOC] Korea Has gulags in the EU

Author: Maria Kruczkowska, Mikolaj Chrzan, Gazeta Wyborcza

The European Parliament is gathering information on the basically slavish work of Koreans in Europe. It’s searching for evidence of law abuse – Gazeta was informed.

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24 March 2006

[PDF] Slaves from North Korea work in Gdansk Shipyard [Poland]

Author: Mikolaj Chrzan, Marcin Kowalski, Gazeta Wyborcza [Poland]

Welders for North Korea work in the Gdansk Shipyard under the surveillance of the Communist Party. They work dozen or more hours a day, including on Sundays and holidays. They have to...if anyone escapes, his relatives in Korea, including children, will be taken to a labour camp...All together, 75 citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have been working in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot...in the last 5 years. The shipyard pays their salaries to an agent – a Gdansk company Selene. According to the information we managed to collect, the company shares money with the North Korean State.

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