Poll: British consumers would pay more for fair fashion but lack trust in brands

Author: Kieran Guilbert, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Published on: 14 January 2019

‘Britons say willing to pay more for fair fashion but trust in brands lacking’, 10 Jan 2019

Most British consumers would pay more for their clothes if factory workers received fairer wages, but lack trust in the ethical pledges made by brands, a poll found on Thursday, amid growing concerns around labour abuses in the fashion industry.

Six in 10 people in Britain said they would spend up to 5 percent more on clothing if it meant garment workers were paid the so-called "fair living wage" that would allow them to cover the basic needs of their families, according to two charities.

Yet more than two-thirds said it was difficult to know if the brands they buy from have high ethical standards, while less than a fifth would trust information on sustainability provided by clothing companies, showed an opinion poll by Ipsos MORI. […]

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