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29 August 2019

USA: Popeyes employees 'overwhelmed and exhausted' following 60-hour weeks and no breaks to meet demands of chicken sandwich frenzy

Author: Shoshy Clment & Kate Taylor, Business Insider

"'I was working like a slave': Exhausted Popeyes employees describe a harrowing situation amid chicken-sandwich chaos, including working 60-hour weeks and shifts with no breaks", 27 August 2019...

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29 January 2008

Waitress fired because spouse was HIV positive [Canada]

Author: The Standard [Canada]

A tribunal has ruled that a Geraldton, Ont., restaurant owner breached the province's human rights code by laying off a waitress whose spouse was HIV-positive. Michael Gottheil, an adjudicator with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, noted in his...

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12 August 2004

Labor Ministry orders fast food chains to pay [So. Korea]

Author: Cheong Chul-gun, JoongAng Daily [So. Korea]

Six of the nation's fast food giants have been defrauding their employees, mostly young part-timers, by failing to pay them on time, the Ministry of Labor ruled yesterday. From last year until May, the Labor Ministry determined that KFC [part of YUM!...

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