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President of the AFL-CIO, America's largest labour union, leaves Trump council

Author: Bob Bryan, Business Insider, Published on: 15 August 2017

"The head of America's largest labour union left Trump's council citing a 'President who tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism."

Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO, said in a statement he is leaving President Donald Trump's manufacturing council due to the president's response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The AFL-CIO is the largest collection of labor unions in the US with more than 12 million members. "We cannot sit on a council for a President who tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. President Trump’s remarks today repudiate his forced remarks yesterday about the KKK and neo-Nazis. We must resign on behalf of America’s working people, who reject all notions of legitimacy of these bigoted groups. It’s clear that President Trump’s Manufacturing Council was never an effective means for delivering real policy that lifts working families and his remarks today were the last straw. We joined this council with the intent to be a voice for working people and real hope that it would result in positive economic policy, but it has become yet another broken promise on the President’s record. From hollow councils to bad policy and embracing bigotry, the actions of this administration have consistently failed working people."

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