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20 March 2019
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Author: Center for Economic and Social Rights

“Organizaciones de derechos humanos y justicia fiscal llaman a Estados a reformar tributación a multinacionales”, 14 de marzo de 2019...

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28 January 2019
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Author: Consejo de Derechos Humanos ONU

Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, el Experto Independiente sobre la deuda externa y los derechos humanos, publicó los Principios Rectores sobre las Evaluaciones de los Efectos de las Reformas Económicas en los Derechos Humanos para ayudar a los Estados, las...

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27 January 2019

New Guiding principles on human rights impact assessments of economic reforms

Author: UN Human Rights Council

"UN expert issues new guiding principles on economic reforms and human rights", 21 of January 2019...

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3 July 2018

Building Responsibly Announces Worker Welfare Principles

Building Responsibly...has developed a set of Worker Welfare Principles that establish a common, global baseline for the treatment of workers in the engineering and construction industry. [They] were developed in consultation with a diverse set of...

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20 February 2017

Major agricultural lenders adopt social & environmental safeguards

Members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) announced at their regional meeting that they have formally adopted a set of jointly developed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Under the principles, the members...

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17 February 2017

Agricultural lenders adopt social & environmental safeguards

Author: The Microfinance Gateway

"Major Agricultural Lenders Adopt Shared Social and Environmental Principles"...

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