UN Sub-Commission Norms: Key commentaries

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20 November 2003

UN norms on business & human rights: Sir Geoffrey Chandler comments on the US Council for Intl. Business "Talking Points"

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1 November 2003

[PDF] Business and Human Rights: What Do the New UN Norms Mean for the Business Lawyer? [submitted to UN consultation on business & human rights]

Author: Thomas E. McCarthy, former Senior Adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in International Legal Practitioner [published by International Bar Association]

As lawyers become increasingly aware of their professional role in advising clients on corporate social responsibility, including human rights, the questions now are: what impact will the Norms have on daily practice? How do these UN Norms fit within...

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1 October 2003

CSR Europe Q&A session: United Nations Norms on the Responsibility of Transnational Companies

Author: CSR Europe

[questions by CSR Europe member companies about the new U.N. norms answered by a panel of experts: Sir Geoffrey Chandler, Professor Klaus Leisinger, Professor Alan Miller, Chip Pitts, Sune Skadegard Thorsen]

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27 August 2003

Human rights norms good for business

Author: Oxford Analytica

The UN's adoption of human rights norms represents a major step towards establishing a common global framework for CSR. The Norms transform a multitude of existing international standards into a relatively brief guide. The advantages for business...

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25 August 2003

U.N. Norms - A Commentary

Author: Chip Pitts, international lawyer and businessman based in Dallas, on KERA [Public TV & Radio for North Texas]

The new U.N. Norms on Transnational Business offer the best hope thus far for the world to move beyond this unsustainable dynamic...By encouraging greater internal and external scrutiny of decisions, the new U.N. Norms will contribute to higher quality...

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13 August 2003

Nongovernmental organizations welcome the new U.N. norms on transnational business

Author: Amnesty International, CEDHA, Christian Aid, Ethical Globalization Initiative, FIDH, Forum for Human Rights, Human Rights Advocates, Human Rights Watch, International Commission of Jurists, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development, OMCT, Oxfam GB

Today, a United Nations human rights body in Geneva adopted the first set of comprehensive international human rights norms specifically applying to transnational corporations and other businesses. The nongovernmental organizations joining in this...

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1 July 2003

IBLF Statement of support for UN Draft Human Rights Principles and Responsibilities for Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises

Author: Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum

We welcome the UN Sub-Commission Draft Norms...which is the most authoritative and comprehensive set of guidelines to date on the applicability of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to companies.

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21 September 2002

No trust without verification

Author: Tracey A. Swift, in Human Rights & Business Matters, Amnesty International UK Business Group Newsletter no. 6

Tracey A Swift, director of research at AccountAbility, argues that social reports must include external verification to be credible

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1 January 2002

[PDF] Beyond Voluntarism: Human rights and the developing international legal obligations of companies [full report]

Author: International Council on Human Rights Policy

Interest is growing in the responsibility of private companies to respect human rights... Governments and companies themselves have shown a distinct preference for limiting the debate to voluntary standards and self-regulation... This report examines...

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