Private Sector Policy Adviser, Labour Rights



  • Location: Oxford
  • Salary: £38,128 to £43,000 per annum
  • Contract Type: Full-time
  • Closing Date: 11/09/2016

The world's largest companies and corporations have an enormous impact on people living in poverty in the developing world. And they can be a powerful force for good. They invest far more than governments can ever deliver in overseas aid. They create income and job opportunities, give people the chance to learn new skills, and generate the wages communities desperately need to escape poverty.

But big business can also do more harm than good. Around the world, many workers and small holder farmers aren't paid enough to live on. Others suffer dangerous, unhealthy working conditions. And many see their basic human rights either neglected or actively exploited on a daily basis.

That's why Oxfam's work with the private sector is so vital - working together wherever possible and challenging whenever necessary.

The role

You will be working to build partnerships and collaboration with companies that are focused on improving conditions for workers and ensuring their rights are upheld. Your aim will be to ensure these are meaningful partnerships that both influence the company and help transform the sectors they work in so that workers end up with greater power. The labour rights of workers in global supply chains will be a particular focus. This will mean you’re speaking regularly to companies to understand the issues and approaches they’re interested in, and working with colleagues across Oxfam to work out how businesses can help them achieve their aims. Based on this, you will work with others to develop projects and partnerships that aim to transform business practices and models, as well as government policies. Through these projects and your broader engagement with companies, you will be advising them on their approach to labour rights in their supply chains. You will also participate actively in multi-stakeholder gatherings where companies and other stakeholders come together to address labour rights issues.

What we’re looking for 

You will have a strong background in the role of the private sector in poverty reduction and sustainable development, with particular expertise on labour and human rights. You will have expertise and experience in delivering and managing highly complex projects. Your communication and advisory skills, along with your analytical and conceptual thinking will excellent. You will need to have extremely strong judgement, particularly in advancing collaborations where complex interests and issues intertwine. Critically, you will be driven to see driven to achieve Oxfam's goal of ending poverty and injustice (including women's empowerment), and be passionate about the change that is possible in global supply chains to help achieve this goal.

About Oxfam

A simple, inescapable truth underlines everything we do at Oxfam. There’s enough wealth in this world to go around. It’s not unfortunate that people live in poverty. It’s unjustifiable. It’s not just their problem. It’s ours too. And with the right support, we can beat poverty and injustice. Thousands of people already commit their time and talents to our campaigning, humanitarian and long-term development projects. Now we’re looking for yours.