Private security contractors look to Africa for recruits

Author: Stephanie Hanes, Christian Science Monitor, Published on: 8 January 2008

...Over the past few years, in Namibia and Uganda, Mozambique, and Burundi, and scores of other impoverished, war-torn countries, American private security companies have increased efforts to hire former fighters for work in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other global hot spots…Companies…say they are bringing jobs to struggling countries and are helping boost developing economies.…[H]uman rights activists believe this new trend is exploitative as well as destabilizing in a region that is trying to move beyond its violent past…On Oct. 12, the Namibian government…ordered [Special Operations Consulting-Security Management Group (SOC-SMG)] to shut down all of its Namibian business operations…Erica Razook, a legal fellow with Amnesty International USA, says foreign employees of American private security companies are even less accountable for their war zone behavior than US employees.

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