Private security firms attempt to fill a gap left by a weakened security apparatus [Egypt]

Author: Sarah Carr & Mohamad Adam, Egypt Independent, Published on: 9 April 2013

A new draft law on private security companies currently on the table is an attempt to regulate a sector that for more than 30 years has operated with almost no oversight. This past week, students at Misr International University, who were engaged in a sit-in to demand increased safety measures on the highway and a road leading to campus, were attacked with excessive force by the university’s private security...[I]n the country’s increasing chaos, Egyptians are relying even less on the police for direct security than they did before the revolution. Private security actors — either in the form of trained guards or hired muscle — are increasingly filling this vacuum...[T]he vast majority of companies employ men with little or no training...The draft law currently before the Shura Council addresses training but is silent about accountability...[Refers to Care Services, G4S, Securitas]

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