Privatizing Security – Corporate Involvement in the Checkpoints [Israel & the Occupied Territories]

Author: Who Profits project, of the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel, Published on: 1 March 2009

Our March newsletter focuses on companies involved in the Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank...checkpoints are spread throughout the...West Bank, and they have a direct and devastating effect on the daily lives of Palestinians. This...fragments families and communities, paralyzes the Palestinian production and trade and prevents a viable political existence...[F]ive companies...provide security services to the checkpoints: Mikud Security, Ari Avtaha, S.B. Security Systems, Modi'in Ezrachi and Sheleg Lavan...[M]any other companies have been involved in the operation of the checkpoints by supplying dedicated equipment...These include US companies such as L-3 Communications and Rapiscan (a subsidiary of OSI Systems) which provided, through their representative in Israel Hashmira (a subsidiary of the British-Danish firm G4S) personal luggage scanners for some checkpoints. Other companies include US Garrett Metal Detectors...CEIA...Chevrolet...[also refers to the Israeli subsidiary of EDS (a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard), Credentia, Oberthur Smart Cards USA, Team Computers, OTI Israel, The DataCard Group, Visionics, RSI, Eshed Engineers, Chemonicshas, AS&E, Nuctech] [If any of the companies mentioned here wishes to respond, we will post the response alongside]

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