Program Associate at Social Accountability International

Position Description

The Program Associate will plan, measure, track, coordinate, communicate, and market key aspects of the integrated Social Fingerprint/SA8000 certification system, one of SAI’s flagship programs.  The Associate will also support other projects as needed.
Reports to: Senior Manager of Research and Stakeholder Relations

Background Information

SAI Background
Social Accountability International (SAI) advances human rights at work, driven by diverse perspectives to navigate evolving labour issues.  We design and implement innovative processes that empower and inspire stakeholders and facilitate partnerships.  SAI’s shared vision is of decent work everywhere – sustained by widespread understanding that decent work can benefit business while securing basic human rights.

SAI is a leader in implementation: documenting social accountability standards, delivering practical tools, and building the capacity for organizations to implement such standards. SAI develops partnerships to train and empower workers, facility and supply chain managers, auditors, government agency staff, and NGOs, using key tools such as the SA8000® Standard, Social Fingerprint®, TenSquared, handbooks for implementation of the UN and IFC principles, Signatory Membership, professional development training courses, and capacity building projects.

SAI Signatory Members include HP, The Walt Disney Company, Tata Steel, VF (Timberland, Wrangler, Lee, North Face & other brands), Tchibo, and Eileen Fisher.  SAI’s work is funded by US, Dutch, German and UK government agencies, by fees for training courses and member services, and by foundations and individuals.

SA8000 Background
The SA8000 Standard is SAI’s flagship product.  It is a voluntary, certifiable international labour standard that is a key part of the organization’s mission and the foundation for nearly all our products, services, and projects.  Currently, over 2 million workers are employed in the 3,400 organizations certified to SA8000, ranging from large multinationals to small cooperatives, in over 60 countries.

Social Fingerprint® Background
Social Fingerprint is an online assessment that measures the maturity of organizations’ management systems to identify areas for improvement.  In order to ensure sustained compliance with SA8000, organizations must implement a functional management system.  A management system is the mechanism by which an organisation demonstrates its commitment to the Standard, creates a plan for implementing the Standard, trains staff to implement it on a daily basis, and continually improves its systems to maintain compliance.  Thus, the management system is the operational map that the organization must follow to achieve full, sustained and continually-improving compliance with SA8000.  In recognition of the centrality of management systems to SA8000 compliance, SAI has integrated its Social Fingerprint tool for measuring and improving management systems into SA8000: 2014.

SAI Online Learning Management System Background
Social Fingerprint tools are housed in Absorb, the online learning management system SAI uses to administer training courses and assessments.  The Program Associate will need to become proficient in the back-end of Absorb.  Although administrative support may be available in the future, the Program Associate must expect a significant amount of administrative duties associated with Absorb, while balancing multiple projects.

Job title: Program Associate

Location: New York

Closing date: 14 July 2015