Progress on child labour flatlining in world’s manufacturing hubs, according to 2019 Child Labour Index

Author: Verisk Maplecroft, Published on: 29 May 2019

Despite high levels of economic growth and improvements on poverty and education, progress on child labour has stalled in the manufacturing countries most entwined with global supply chains... [O]ur latest annual Child Labour Index... shows that manufacturing hubs, including China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia, have registered no tangible improvement in the ranking of 198 countries since 2016... [W]e’ve identified 27 countries – which account for roughly 12% of the world’s total population, or 900 million people – as ‘extreme risk.’... A further 82 countries are categorised as ‘high risk’... The index, which we developed to enable companies to identify where the risk of association or complicity with child labour is highest in their supply chains, measures the frequency and severity of violations, a country’s adoption of laws and international treaties, and its ability and will to enforce them... On the flipside, 57 countries have registered significant improvements in the index between 2017 and 2019 and feature sourcing locations tied to global supply chains. Liberia has risen 44 places in the index to 58th; Myanmar improved from 3rd highest risk globally in 2018 to 27th this year; while Madagascar has climbed 20 places to 45th since 2017. 

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