Project Associate



  • Location: London preferred
  • Contract Type: Part time (50%) contractor
  • Closing Date: 26/09/2018

We are looking for a part-time Project Associate, preferably based in London, to join Valuing Respect.

Valuing Respect is a global, collaborative platform, led by Shift, to research and co-create better ways to evaluate corporate respect for human rights. Over the next three years, we will be  working with, and learning from, experts within and beyond the business and human rights arena. Our aim is to develop fresh insights, smart tools, methodologies and indicators that can help assess how well companies address risks to people. Our ultimate purpose is to help all stakeholders focus resources on actions that make a real, positive difference to peoples’ lives.

The person selected for this position will play a critical role in conducting and managing various areas of cutting-edge research for Valuing Respect, and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders who have experience and insights to offer. They will work closely with Senior Associate and Project Lead Mark Hodge and Shift’s President, Caroline Rees, to help evolve the project’s research agenda and craft public outputs. A priority research area will be the role of technologies in accessing the perspectives of people affected by business – what models exist, how successful and transferrable are they, and what do they suggest more generally for the effective integration of ‘stakeholder voice’ in evaluation methodologies? Other research areas include business models or strategies that carry inherent human rights risk, and ways of measuring the value to business of respecting people’s human rights.

The deadline for applications is September 26, 2018. Please click here to see the job description and to learn more about how to apply.