Public consultation on principles for responsible banking by UN Environment & 28 banks (deadline: 31 May)

Author: UN Environment Finance Initiative, Published on: 21 May 2019

By developing the set of principles, the 28 founding banks set out a clear purpose for the banking industry itself, and enables investors, policy makers and regulators, clients and civil society to compare banks and hold them accountable for their environmental, social and economic impacts. Signing the Principles will be a serious commitment: banks that continuously fail to meet transparency requirements, set adequate targets and demonstrate progress will face removal from the list of signatories...By signing the Principles for Responsible Banking, banks will commit to being publicly accountable for their significant positive and negative social, environmental and economic impacts. They agree to set public targets on addressing their most significant negative impacts and scaling up their positive impacts to align with and contribute to national and international sustainable development and climate targets...Banks and stakeholders around the world are invited to provide feedback and input to guide their further development, and to signal their support by becoming Endorsers of the Principles for Responsible Banking and help shape the future of banking.,,

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