Public Release - The Equator Principles (EP III) Draft

Author: Equator Principles , Published on: 1 August 2012

The Equator Principles (EP) Association released the draft of the updated Equator Principles (EP III) on 13 August 2012 for stakeholder consultation and public comment. The consultation period will continue until Friday 12 October 2012. Key themes and areas of development proposed in the EP III draft include:...New requirements related to managing impacts on climate. Greater emphasis on human rights considerations in due diligence and an acknowledgment of the UN "Protect, Respect and Remedy" Framework for Business and Human Rights and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. A strengthening of reporting and transparency requirements. Participate in a webinar or face to face meeting to discuss the EP III Draft. [Webinars: 5/20/28 Sept for Europe/Africa/Americas, 7 Sept for Asia/Pacific. Meetings: 11 Sept Industry/Client Meeting in Toronto, 13 Sept Industry/Client Meeting in São Paulo, 14 Sept Multi-Stakeholder Meeting in São Paulo, 24 Sept Industry/Client Meeting in London, 25 Sept NGO Meeting in London]

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