Publish What You Pay coalition calls on oil firms to resist Chad's demands to pay revenues directly to govt. rather than to escrow account used for poverty reduction

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15 March 2006

ExxonMobil did not respond to: Publish What You Pay coalition & Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic call on ExxonMobil to refuse Chad’s request to pay oil revenues directly to government instead of into escrow account for poverty reduction.

3 March 2006

[DOC] ExxonMobil’s Rights and Obligations in Relation to the Payment of Oil Revenues Demanded by the Government of Chad

Author: Columbia Law School [USA], Human Rights Clinic, ed. by Prof. Peter Rosenblum

ExxonMobil now finds itself in a critical position—it must decide whether to comply with Chad’s demand to deposit oil revenues into the designated bank, thereby undermining the central poverty reduction principles of the Revenue Management Program... ExxonMobil is not in a legal straightjacket with respect to Chad’s demand that oil royalties be paid into an unsupervised bank account, outside the supervision of the World Bank. Rather, ExxonMobil possesses several legal avenues which it may, and should, pursue, to ensure that Chad fulfills its obligations... [also refers to Chevron, Petronas, Unocal (part of Chevron), IWL Communications (CapRock Communications), Fluor Daniel (Fluor), Kellogg Brown & Root (part of Halliburton)]

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3 February 2006

Chad and World Bank: PWYP urges all stakeholders to resume talks to end current stalemate over oil revenue management law dispute

Author: Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition

ExxonMobil and other oil companies operating in Chad their part in salvaging the revenue management system in Chad. With the freezing of the escrow account into which ExxonMobil has been paying revenues, the Chadian government demanded that the ExxonMobil-led consortium make revenue payments directly to the government. We ask the Consortium to resist these demands. [also refers to Chevron, Petronas] [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited ExxonMobil to respond, but it declined to do so.]

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