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26 September 2016

Workers rights group allege H&M's supply chains unsafe for workers, company says workers' safety is of utmost importance

Author: Anusha Bradley, Radio New Zealand

"Fashion victims: the true cost of H&M clothing", 26 Septmeber 2016...

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8 November 2010

Report: Women lose boardroom gains [New Zealand]

Author: Martin Johnston, New Zealand Herald

Women are losing some of the gains they have made towards workplace equality, the Human Rights Commission says. In its two-yearly Census of Women's Participation...the commission outlines where the losses are happening, and is particularly critical of...

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30 July 2005

Where NZ [New Zealand] shops - the ethics

Author: Karen Chan, New Zealand Herald

Most major retailers appear to be turning a blind eye to the conditions their goods are made under. Just a handful of 20 major retailers surveyed by the Business Herald confirmed they had formal processes in place for checking whether suppliers met...

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