Push for review of maternity leave law to increase Emirati birth rate

Author: Iman Sherif, gulfnews.com, Published on: 26 July 2010

A member of the Federal National Council [of the UAE] has said the maternity leave law must be reconsidered to encourage more Emiratis to have children...In 2007, a new law emerged stating that a pregnant woman would now get 45 days paid maternity leave and allowed 18 hours per month for lactating purposes. "When the law came out, no women's organisations were consulted..." Dr Amal said...Some companies prefer not to hire pregnant women, while others automatically exclude pregnant women from promotions...[for fear that] the woman's situation affecting the productivity level of her work...[O]ther proposals include [extending paternity leave extended to two weeks and granting] the mother...longer leave than usual in the case of premature birth.

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