Qatar: Perfecting the art of scoring own goals

Author: James M. Dorsey, in Daily News Egypt (Egypt), Published on: 10 October 2013

State-owned Qatari television network Al Jazeera prides itself on hard hitting, let-the chips-fall-where-they fall reporting. Yet, it has systematically avoided in recent days the one story that potentially could affect the very future, shape and security of the wealthy Gulf state: controversy over the timing of the 2022 World Cup and mounting criticism of living and working conditions of up to a million unskilled and semi-skilled workers expected to build infrastructure for the tournament...The Al Jazeera avoidance of a sensitive issue for Qataris further focuses attention on the problems smaller Gulf states have as they try to get a grip on a world in which technology and social media impose greater openness, public lack of confidence in institutions and leaders has toppled governments and the need to project soft power as part of a nation’s security and defence policy forces them to confront painful and existential issues.

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