Qatar: The Dark Side of Migration Spotlight on Qatar's Construction Sector Ahead of the World Cup (Amnesty Intl)

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31 May 2015

Nepal urges Qatar to end controversial migrant sponsorship scheme

Author: Gopal Sharma, Reuters

Nepal's labor minister urged Qatar on Monday to scrap a sponsorship scheme which prevents the free movement of migrant workers, calling it a violation of the rights of thousands of its nationals who are working in the Gulf state...The system, which requires migrant workers to seek permission from employers to change jobs, has long been criticized by human rights groups and trade unions who have likened it to a form of modern day slavery....An emailed request for comment on the kafala system the Qatar embassy....remained unanswered, and Qatari officials were not immediately available for comment by phone.

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26 November 2013

[SEG letter to Amnesty about the report] Amnesty International’s Report on treatment of workers on the Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College (RLESC) Project in Qatar.

Author: Marwan Sakr, SAAS lawyers Avocat (Lebanon)

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17 November 2013

Qatar: The Dark Side of Migration Spotlight on Qatar's Construction Sector Ahead of the World Cup

Author: Amnesty International (UK)

[for recommendations to construction companies see pages 129-129 of the full report]

Qatar’s population is increasing by 20 people every hour. most of those arriving in the country are low-income construction workers from Asia. These migrant workers have been recruited to help build massive projects worth up to US$220 billion, as part of Qatar's drive to create a regional and global hub. Many of these projects will contribute, directly or indirectly, to the staging of the 2022 World cup. This Amnesty International report looks at how a permissive legal framework in Qatar allows unscrupulous employers to exploit and abuse migrant workers. [we invited 6 companies to respond: Contrack Cyprus, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co.Ltd, OHL, Qatar Petroleum, QDVC, & SEG Qatar - letter on behalf of SEG to Amnesty Intl. below; the other firms did not respond]

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