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QD-SBG 2016

QD-SBG Construction CSR Policy Statement

Following publication of our briefing paper on the construction industry's response to risks to migrant workers' rights, QD-SBG sent us additional documents on the standards of their worker accommodation.

1. Does your company have a publicly-available commitment to human rights or to social responsibility? If so please share the link.

Our Corporate Social Responsibly “Policy Statement”, specifies the company’s principle towards Human Rights. The same is discussed in detail at para 5 of CSR Manual. CSR policy statement within the organization (projects) is displayed at prominent places for its staff.

Concerning publicly-available commitments, the same can be achieved when the corporate policy statements are posted on the company website and the link is forwarded to any requesting party (kindly note that this is the best practice to reflect company commitments to be viewed publically).

2. Please describe the nature and scope of your company’s operations, including reference to current projects and business partners (herein ‘business partners’ inclusive of sub-contractors, suppliers, and joint ventures).

QD-SBG Construction WLL, a Subsidiary of QDSBG Group, is a leading civil and building construction company offering diversified general contracting works with design and build services to clients throughout Qatar. QDSBG Group (QDSBG) was established to bring construction expertise to Qatar both in executing large complex projects and in creating a dependable supply chain of construction materials.

QD-SBG Construction is classified as Grade A contractor in the construction of buildings, roads, water, drainage and general electrical works (1st Grade with Kahramaa). Our building division focuses on large scale projects in residential, commercial, mixed-use, military, hospitality, sports, educational and healthcare. QD-SBG Construction is engaged in the construction of public works, like construction of infrastructures including highways, bridges and mass transit systems.

QD-SBG Construction Projects in hand:

  • Dukhan Road East Contract C2011/19 (Khalifa Avenue) a major road and infrastructure project; its initial scope of work included designing and constructing around 10km of 4 lane highways, including 6 multi-level interchanges and underpass, 10.5 km of 2,400mm diameter micro tunneling works, and 28 no. of access shafts, upgrading of all wet & dry utility services within projects right of ways, all landscaping and irrigation works with high level finishes, installation of Kahramaa 1,600mm strategic water pipeline. Such scope was later on amended and increased where the highway became an avenue with parks on both sides (100m wide ROW), at a much larger scale than the Champs-Elysees; speed on main road was reduced from 100 to 60km/hr.
  • Development of Internal Security Forces camps (2 packages – CPC07a and CPC07b) – Scope includes constructing 375,000 m2 of total built up area to be built on a 540,000 m2 parcel. It involves the construction of multi 5 floors barracks (25 no.), headquarters, underground carparks, and several structures.
  • CP07-B: Lusail Design and construction of Infrastructure, LRT station, Car Park and Landscape: scope includes Road works, tunnels, bridges, LRT station, subterranean 5-story car park structure, landscaping and infrastructure utilities.
  • New Doha International Airport (NDIA): Operation & Maintenance works, 3 separate contracts.

Business Partners Our sister company, Qatari-Diar Construction Products Company Industries WLL (QD-CPC Industries WLL) is a joint venture of five partner companies that have come together to group the following companies:

  1. Premco Precast Qatar (PPQ) – is a reliable supplier for Hollow core slabs & double tee slabs, Wall frame systems , Beam / Column System, GRC products, External Cladding Panels, Pre-stressed beams & Bridges, Boundary Walls
  2. Premco,  Ready-mix Qatar – is a premium supplier of ready-mix concrete. It produces different types and grades of high quality concrete..
  3. SACODECO Wood & Interior Finishes (Qatar) – is widely known and trusted for its quality in wooden and interior design works
  4. United Arab Aluminum Company (UAAC-Qatar) – Qatar is a branch of QD-CPC Industries WLL that manufacturers and fabricates a wide range of both standardized and custom designed aluminum products to suit all building requirements. (Curtain Walls, Cladding Doors & Windows, and Skylight) along with its UPVC works.
  5. United Arab Glass Company-Qatar (UAGC-Qatar) – specializes in the production of all types of glass (regular or shaped) with glass processing (tempering, laminating, doubling, bullet-proofing etc.)
  6. National Asphalt Factory – Qatar (NAF) – supplying hot mix asphalt services.

3. How many workers do you hire directly and how many are hired by sub-contractors?

We hire directly around No. 9,000 workers, and the total number hired by the Sub-contractors for the current projects are around 4,800. Total number of employees exceed 15,000.

4. In direct operations and in contracts with business partners, what is your company’s approach to ensuring workers’ health & safety?

The company strives to achieve zero accident and injury by providing all required HSES standards to the workforce. To ensure the workers’ Health & Safety, the Company ensure the followings:

  • Leadership & Commitment from the Top Management regarding HSES Management system implementation.
  • Internal/External Trainings provided to the Workers
  • Site Safety monitoring by qualified HSES Engineers/Officers
  • Medical Facilities provided with qualified Doctors and Nurses
  • Site welfare Facilities like Rest Shelters, Cold Drinking Water and Toilet Facility
  • Workers Accommodation Facility as per the Client requirements is provided.

5. In direct operations and in contracts with business partners, have you established occupational health and safety committees, and if so, do these have worker participation?

Yes, QD-SBG Construction established Occupational Health & Safety Committee for the work sites, and ensures workers’ representative participation in the meetings.

6. In direct operations and in contracts with business partners, how many accidents and fatalities have taken place on site in the last two years?

No fatalities have taken place on working site. There was one fatality incident at the Store area outside the project limits. In addition, one Major Accident/Lost Time Injury happened since the last two years. Our ISF CPC07 project exceeded 45 million safe man-hours without any LTI. This is considered a major milestone in the construction industry. ISF CPC07b exceeded 20 million safe-man hours without LTI. 

7. In direct operations and in contracts with business partners, what measures do you have in place to protect workers from high temperatures during the summer months? How do you communicate these measures to the workers?

QD-SBG Construction has approved HSES Procedure for Heat Stress Management. Work timing is based on the Qatar Labor Law for workers exposed to direct sunlight. No outdoor works is carried-out between 11.30 Hours to 15 Hours (during summer time). Cold drinking water is available at all works locations. Welfare facility like rest shelters/ air conditioned buses are provided within 2-3 minutes walking distance for workers to rest on site.

Also, adequate intermittent rest is allowed to workers when working in hot weather condition. Site supervisor/ foreman ensure that proper rest is being provided to every worker in between continuous work. A properly designed and applied acclimatization program decreases the risk of heat-related illnesses.  Weather monitoring (Temperature & Humidity) & flag system is in place. All outdoor works are suspended once the heat index level is reached to permissible limits (>54) where all workers are shifted to the resting shelters/AC buses. Daily and regular Tool Box Training/Safety Task Analysis and Risk Reduction Talks are being conducted on site to educate workers regarding heat stress management.

8. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Contracts - ensuring they are in a language the worker understands and are not modified upon the worker’s arrival in the country.

The contracts are prepared in English and Arabic. Translation to different languages is provided when requested.

9. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Full and timely payment of wages, including issuing of bank cards for workers.

All of our workers have either Bank accounts or Bank Cards and their full salary is transferred to their accounts at the end of each month.

10. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Issuing ID and health cards for workers.

All of our workers have Qatar ID and health cards

11. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Ensuring adequate worker accommodation.

We have one of the best Labor camps in Qatar which was featured as an exemplary camp in one of the most respectable international news agency.

Following publication of our briefing paper on the construction industry's response to risks to migrant workers' rights, QD-SBG sent us additional documents on the standards of their worker accommodation.

Letter from KBR-Ashghal  Photos of Worker Accomodation

12. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Passport retention - ensuring workers can store passports in a safe place and have access.

Each worker is provided with a separate cupboard with a lock as part of his accommodation. Further, upon their request, we can keep their passports in a fire proof vault.

13. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on : Allowing workers to transfer employers within the country.

Transfer of workers is dealt with on case to case basis. 

14. Please describe your company’s policies and practice on: Issuing of exit permits for workers who wish to leave the country.

We issue exit permits to all our workers who wish to leave the country for vacation, medical treatment, or final exit.

15. What process does your company employ to recruit migrant workers?

We do so through agencies or direct hire.

16. Which recruitment agencies does your company regularly work with to hire workers? Please list the names and contact details of the recruitment agencies.

We do work with numerous local and international agencies that assist us in fulfilling our request.

17. Does your company take steps to ensure that the recruiting agencies it deals with do not charge recruiting or placement fees? If workers have been charged fees, does the company compensate them for this expense on arrival in their position?

We do our utmost to make sure that the recruiting agencies are not charging workers any recruiting fee. 

18. Does your company require business partners to comply with the above recruitment procedures?

No need to. We do it in-house.

19. Does your company have a grievance mechanism that is accessible to workers employed by you or working indirectly for you via business partners, in their own language?

Yes, we have complaints Box in each of our Labour Camp and the Workers can easily access and lodge their complaints.

20. How do you ensure that workers are aware of its existence?

Awareness sessions are conducted to make sure that the workers are aware upon their joining.

21. How do you ensure that workers do not face retaliation from supervisors or others for raising grievances?

The workers file their complaints anonymously and their supervisor does not know who filed it.

22. What processes do you have in place to address and remedy grievances?

We have a dedicated team for this.

23. Does your company have organizational-level policies and procedures in place on freedom of association for workers?




24. How does your company implement a freedom of association policy in a context where local law restricts the ability of migrant workers to form or join trade unions?

As per Qatari Labor Law, migrant workers are prohibited from joining trade unions or to form such organizations. In light of the law, QD-SBG Construction has formed a “Workers Welfare Committee”  controlled by the Camp welfare Officer and in which migrant workers are members of the committee and any administrative, financial, Health & Safety or any other issue related to the workers are  discussed ,reported and resolved at an appropriate level.

25. Who in your leadership is responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and procedures related to human rights in the country?

Headed by our corporate HR department, however, every project has its dedicated team under HR / Admin to ensure the compliance.

26. Who should be contacted if workers or civil society groups have questions or concerns about your company’s in-country operations? Please provide contact information.

QD-SBG’s construction corporate HR & Admin manager, Mr. Nawaf Dabbous.

27. How does the company work with the country of operation's government to improve enforcement of the labour law in areas such as passport and fee retention?

QD-SBG Construction deals directly with the Labor department to resolve any matter (if any and when it comes up).

28. Has your company engaged with the country of operation's government about elements of the “kafala” sponsorship system that restrict workers’ ability to change jobs or leave the country?

We work in full compliance with the Qatari government labor law, rules and regulations.

29. Please describe any challenges your company is encountering in the areas described above.