Reebok offers help fighting overseas abuse

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24 January 2005

Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC)

...Federated Merchandising Group, Hudson's Bay Company, Mark's Work Wearhouse Ltd., Reebok International Ltd., The Wet Seal, the National Retail Federation, the Retail Council of Canada, and World Monitors Inc. have jointly organized the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC), a collaborative industry effort involving retail and consumer brands and retail trade associations to create a system for managing and sharing audit information.

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17 January 2005

Reebok offers help fighting overseas abuse

Author: Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe

Can a piece of software make a difference in the lives of factory workers in the Far East? Peter Burrows, chief technology officer at Reebok International Ltd., thinks so -- if it gains wide adoption...The software, known inside Reebok as the Human Rights Tracking System...has helped Reebok collect information about conditions at its factories around the world, from the number of fire escapes to the air quality to the wages to whether they're using child labor.

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