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28 September 2018
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27 August 2018

Global Network Initiative report details human rights impacts of internet shutdowns & recommends involving businesses in advocacy against disruptions

Author: Jan Rydzak, Global Network Initiative

Since 2011, network disruptions and large-scale network shutdowns have become a widespread tool of information control. Governments in at least four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) have shut down connectivity or social media... ...

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5 January 2018

Front Line Defenders report highlights killings of 312 human rights defenders in 2017, underlining the role of business

Author: Front Line Defenders (Ireland)

"Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk 2017", 3 Jan 2018...

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30 October 2017

E. Africa: Human Rights Impact Assessment highlights importance of country-specific due diligence to protect human rights of coffee sector workers

Author: Institute for Human Rights & Business

"Human Rights Impact Assessment: A report about the East African coffee sector in: Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burundi"...

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10 October 2017
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Author: Peter von Hartlieb-Wallthor (EnergieAgentur NRW), Dr. Herwig Marbler (DERA)

"Rohstoffe Subsahara: 31 Länder, Stand 2016/2017", Juni 2017 Deutschland ist wie kaum ein anderes Land in die Weltwirtschaft eingebunden, also in hohem Maße auf den Export an Waren, aber auch auf den Import von Energierohstoffen und von mineralisch...

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20 September 2017

New report highlights reprisals faced by human rights defenders who cooperate with UN

Author: UNOG Information Services, OHCHR (Switzerland)

"Report highlights rising reprisals against human rights defenders cooperating with the UN", 20 Sep 2017...

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15 August 2017

Workshops equiping African lawyers on responsible business practices, incl. UN Guiding Principles

Author: Allen & Overy (UK)

"Supporting African advisers on responsible business: A&O and A4ID partner with the East Africa Law Society to deliver workshops for African lawyers on business and human rights"...

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19 June 2017

East Africa: Initiative to phase out use of mercury in artisanal mining will reduce health & environmental hazards

Author: Kennedy Senelwa, The EastAfrican (Kenya)

"East Africa leads efforts to cut use of mercury in mining"...

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18 April 2017

An upcoming publication highlights the difficulty for business to operate responsibly in complex and crisis-conflict contexts

Author: Katinka Van Cranenburgh, Linkedin.com

"Business responsibilities in times of war and peace: the case of Heineken in Central Africa", 24 March 20174...

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9 February 2017

2016 - Assembly & association rights take centre stage despite shrinking civic space, reports UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of association

Author: Maina Kiai, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association

...Despite its myriad troubles, 2016 was also a year where people came out in nearly unprecedented numbers in an attempt to address our problems – through organizing in their communities, through protest, through political engagement, through labor...

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