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28 August 2018
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Author: Walid Kéfi, Agence Ecofin (Suisse)

"Changements climatiques : l’Afrique paiera au prix fort la dette des pays industrialisés", 24août 2018...

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6 August 2018

Eritrea: The Economist claims conscripts forced to work in road-construction, dam-building & mines

Author: The Economist

"Eritrea, Africa’s most repressive state, begins to open up"...

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21 May 2018

Campaigners welcome Blackrock’s divestment from Nevsun following campaign over alleged use of forced labour in Eritrea; Nevsun denies use of forced labour

Freedom United and Eritrea Focus have launched a campaign to urge Nevsun's biggest shareholders to divest from the company due to alleged use of forced labour in its Eritrean mines. BlackRock Fund Managers have divested from Nevsun while M & G...

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29 March 2018

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin: The legal significance of #MeToo

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30 November 2017

Recent lawsuits contribute to emerging norm of corporate accountability for international crimes, says scholar

Author: Dieneke de Vos, on Just Security

" Corporate Criminal Accountability for International Crimes ", 30 Nov 2017...

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27 November 2017

Canada: Recent lawsuits point to advances in accountability of Canadian mining companies for abuses abroad, observers say

Author: Douglas Quan, National Post (Canada)

" 'New era': Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses ", 27 Nov 2017...

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21 November 2017

Canada: Lawsuit against Nevsun for alleged forced labour & torture in Eritrea mine can proceed, says Appeal Court

Author: Canadian Centre for International Justice

" Appeal court confirms slave labour lawsuit against Canadian mining company can go to trial ", 21 Nov 2017...

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10 October 2017
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Author: Peter von Hartlieb-Wallthor (EnergieAgentur NRW), Dr. Herwig Marbler (DERA)

"Rohstoffe Subsahara: 31 Länder, Stand 2016/2017", Juni 2017 Deutschland ist wie kaum ein anderes Land in die Weltwirtschaft eingebunden, also in hohem Maße auf den Export an Waren, aber auch auf den Import von Energierohstoffen und von mineralisch...

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20 September 2017

New report highlights reprisals faced by human rights defenders who cooperate with UN

Author: UNOG Information Services, OHCHR (Switzerland)

"Report highlights rising reprisals against human rights defenders cooperating with the UN", 20 Sep 2017...

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19 September 2017

Eritrea: Metalor & Lufthansa accused of importing gold extracted under conditions of forced labour to Switzerland; incl. company responses

On 30 August 2017, Swiss national TV aired a major report detailing how huge amounts of raw gold extracted from Eritrea, under practices of forced labour and slavery, end up in Switzerland for the final process of refinery. The report indicates that...

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