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6 February 2020

Ethiopia Airlines urged to stop flights from China to protect Africa's weak health systems from coronavirus

Author: Ibrahim Oruko, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Uhuru urges Ethiopian carrier to halt China flights over virus"...

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5 February 2020

Poor working conditions and low wages threatens Ethiopia's industrial parks' vision to spur industrial revolution

Author: AFP

"Angry workers spurn Ethiopia's 'industrial revolution'"...

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3 February 2020

How Ethiopia's hydropower & dam projects could compromise Egypt's food security

Author: Al Jazeera

"Saving the Nile", January 2020...

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27 January 2020

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commits emergency $10m to help Africa and China to fight coronavirus

Author: Africa Times

"Gates Foundation commits emergency $5m for Africa CDC to fight coronavirus", 27 January 2020...

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23 December 2019

Internet shutdowns harm access to information, freedom of expression & economic growth

Internet shutdowns are an increasingly common tool by governments to restrict dialogue, debate, online organizing, and information dissemination. Internet shutdowns have been occurring in countries across the globe, such as Zimbabwe, China, Myanmar,...

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10 December 2019

Ethiopia: UN expert on freedom of expression urges officials to stop shutting down internet

Author: Associated Press, VOA News

"UN Expert Urges Ethiopia to Stop Shutting Down Internet", 09 Dec 2019...

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20 November 2019

How Ethiopia is harnessing technology to boost smallholder agriculture in the wake of climate change

Author: Seble Samuel, The Reporter (Ethiopia)

"Launching digital agro-climate advisory platform in Ethiopia"...

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11 October 2019

Facebook extends third-party fact-checking programme to 10 new African states

Author: AFP, news24

"Facebook extends fact-checking programme to 10 new African states", 9 October 2019....

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23 September 2019
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Author: Moutiou Adjibi Nourou, Agence Ecofin (Suisse)

"Le changement climatique va contraindre plusieurs pays africains à repenser totalement leurs modèles économiques", 20 septembre 2019...

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19 September 2019

UN Human Rights Office documents growing reprisals against civil society for cooperating with United Nations

Author: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

"Human rights: Reported reprisals on the rise, says UN", 19 Sep 2019...

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