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13 May 2019

Diamond Producers Association's report says its members positively impact local communities & working to minimize negative environmental impacts

Author: Cision PR Newswire, Diamond Producers Association (UK)

‘First-Ever Comprehensive Report on the Reality of Modern Diamond Mining Reveals its Impact on Local Communities, Challenges Stereotypes and Identifies Areas for Further Improvement’ 2 May 2019...

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23 March 2019

Namibia: Govt. official urges explosives industry to protect public from industry-related risks

Author: AllAfrica

“Namibia: Experts Attend Workshop On Explosives” 15 March 2019...

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19 March 2019
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Author: Agence Ecofin (Suisse)

"Les politiques minières de 10 pays africains évaluées par les dirigeants de grandes compagnies", ...

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11 February 2019

Russia is increasing its influence in Africa through strategic investment in energy and minerals says analyst

Author: The Conversation (South Africa)

"How Russia is growing its strategic influence in Africa", 6 février 2019...

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18 December 2018

UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders' global survey highlights role of cos. in attacks in several countries

Author: Michel Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders (Switzerland)

"World report on the situation of human rights defenders", 17 Dec 2017...

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17 December 2018

Enforcement of colonial & apartheid-era laws limits press freedom & endangers human rights defenders in Southern Africa

Author: Jonathan Rozen, Quartz Africa

"Colonial and Apartheid-era laws still govern press freedom in southern Africa", 7 December 2018....

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16 April 2018

Namibia: Labour think tank says precarious jobs on the rise mainly in retail, agriculture & mining sectors

Author: Luqman Cloete, The Namibian (Namibia)

"Namibia: Precarious Jobs On the Rise in Namibia", 3 April 2018...

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10 October 2017
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Author: Peter von Hartlieb-Wallthor (EnergieAgentur NRW), Dr. Herwig Marbler (DERA)

"Rohstoffe Subsahara: 31 Länder, Stand 2016/2017", Juni 2017 Deutschland ist wie kaum ein anderes Land in die Weltwirtschaft eingebunden, also in hohem Maße auf den Export an Waren, aber auch auf den Import von Energierohstoffen und von mineralisch...

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18 July 2017

Africa: Investigation reveals tobacco firms allegedly threatening efforts that could save millions from harmful effects of tobacco use; companies comment

Multinational tobacco firms have threatened governments in Africa demanding they axe or dilute the kind of protections that have saved millions of lives in the west, a Guardian investigation has found. Various companies mentioned in the investigation...

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30 June 2017
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Author: Coque Mukuta, VOA-Serviço em Português para África (Angola)

"Pobreza e falta de fiscalização na base do tráfico humano em Angola, dizem activistas-Departamento de Estado americano coloca Angola no grupo de países que não cumprem os requisitos para combater o tráfico de pessoas", 29 de junho de 2017...

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