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27 August 2018

Global Network Initiative report details human rights impacts of internet shutdowns & recommends involving businesses in advocacy against disruptions

Author: Jan Rydzak, Global Network Initiative

Since 2011, network disruptions and large-scale network shutdowns have become a widespread tool of information control. Governments in at least four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) have shut down connectivity or social media... ...

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5 January 2018

Front Line Defenders report highlights killings of 312 human rights defenders in 2017, underlining the role of business

Author: Front Line Defenders (Ireland)

"Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk 2017", 3 Jan 2018...

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11 December 2017

USA court dismisses lawsuit alleging Dahabshiil's complicity in Somali activist's killing by terrorist group

Author: Brandon Stahl, Star Tribune (USA)

"Lawsuit by son of slain Somali activist against money transfer business is thrown out"...

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13 November 2017

Commentary: 2017 UN Climate Change Conference should focus on adverse effects of climate change on children

Author: Alice Thomas, Refugees International, OpenGlobalRights

“Climate change talks must focus on the most vulnerable: the world’s children”, 1 Nov 2017...

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21 August 2017

Investigation finds luxury yachts are used to smuggle migrants into EU; 8 Ukrainian smugglers arrested in Italy

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30 January 2017

USA: In response to Trump’s immigration ban, Starbucks CEO announces company will hire 10,000 refugees worldwide

Author: Phil Wahba, Fortune

"Starbucks Has a Response to President Trump's Immigration Ban: Hire 10,000 Refugees", 29 Jan 2017...

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29 January 2017
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Author: 20 Minutes et AFP (France)

« Décret anti-immigration: Starbucks, Uber et d'autes grandes entreprises américaines répondent à Trump », 30 janvier 2017...

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9 September 2015

Climate change impacts on food security & access to water could spur migration, says Kenyan scholar

Author: Duke Mwancha, AllAfrica

“Kenya: Climate Change - Migration for Asylum is a Human Right”, 7 Sept 2015...

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17 August 2015

Kenya govt. clears Somali-based money transfer service Dahabshil after suspension due to alleged terrorism link

Author: Somaliland Sun

"We are Fully Satisfied that Dahabshil is Compliant and Poses No Risk” Government of Kenya "...

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6 August 2015

US Govt. invests in food security & climate change adaptation programmes in Africa

Author: Office of the Press Secretary, The White House (USA)

“Fact Sheet: Partnering with Africa on Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation", 28 Jul 2015 ...

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