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18 January 2018
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[El Informe] documenta la resistencia de los grupos de derechos humanos durante un momento de creciente represión y restricciones a la sociedad civil, y ofrece información clave sobre las estrategias que los activistas de primera línea están utilizando...

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16 January 2018

Sur 26 'Reclaiming Civic Space': Report by FGHR & Conectas highlights resistance of human rights groups during a time of increasing repression

[The Report] documents the resistance of human rights groups during a time of increasing repression and restrictions on civil society, and offers key insights on the strategies frontline activists are using to reclaim civic space... Sur 26 is...

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5 January 2018

Front Line Defenders report highlights killings of 312 human rights defenders in 2017, underlining the role of business

Author: Front Line Defenders (Ireland)

"Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk 2017", 3 Jan 2018...

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15 December 2017
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Author: Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Auf seinem Weg, die Bedingungen in globalen Textillieferketten zu verbessern, hat das Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien nun entscheidende Schritte in Richtung Internationalisierung gemacht: Eine strategische Kooperation mit der Initiative „Action...

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28 November 2017

ILO report: Asia garment worker wages remain low despite rises

Author: Leonie Barrie, Just-Style (UK)

"Asia garment worker wages remain low despite rises". 21 Nov 2017...

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16 November 2017

Bangladesh: Vulnerable Rohingya refugees funnelled into sex trade

Author: Ashish Joshi, Sky News (UK)

"Pimp says Rohingya plight 'good for business'", 13 Nov 2017...

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6 November 2017

Climate change lawsuits on the rise as science improves & more climate-related laws & policies are passed

Author: The Economist (UK)

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3 October 2017

Abuses in leather industry prompt investors’ call to add labour compliance to industry audits

Author: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

In a letter to the Leather Working Group, 62 institutional investors cite pervasive labor violations in a call for broadening scope to include labor as well as environmental due diligence at tanneries......

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29 September 2017

Global businesses can achieve social impact, better reputation & increase brand loyalty by including refugees, says report

Author: Cindy Huang et al., Center for Global Development (CGD)

"Global Business and Refugee Crises: A Framework for Sustainable Engagement," September 2017...

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20 September 2017

New report highlights reprisals faced by human rights defenders who cooperate with UN

Author: UNOG Information Services, OHCHR (Switzerland)

"Report highlights rising reprisals against human rights defenders cooperating with the UN", 20 Sep 2017...

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