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19 September 2019

UN Human Rights Office documents growing reprisals against civil society for cooperating with United Nations

Author: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

"Human rights: Reported reprisals on the rise, says UN", 19 Sep 2019...

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17 September 2019

Cambodia: Five ASEAN countries agree on legal frameworks and cooperation in social security to protect migrant workers

Author: Sochan Ry, The Phnom Penh Post

"CLMTV countries agree framework for mobile social security scheme", 17 September 2019...

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30 August 2019

New ‘industry-driven’ building safety initiative launched in India & Vietnam to promote garment worker safety meets criticism for ignoring ‘vital lessons from the past'

In August 2019, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) launched the Life and Building Safety Initiative (LABS) programme in Vietnam and India, which aims to promote safe working conditions in apparel and footwear industries. It is now set to expand to...

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12 August 2019

Verisk Maplecroft's Human Rights Outlook 2019 says risks spread for businesses & civil society as more countries embrace authoritarian tactics

Author: Verisk Maplecroft

"‘Strongmen’ regimes lead charge against freedom of speech and privacy: Human Rights Outlook 2019", 07 Aug 2019...

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10 August 2019

Commentary: ASEAN’s Safe Migration Campaign comes up short due to simplistic concept of safe migration

Author: Tommy KS Koh, East Asia Forum

"ASEAN's Safe Migration Campaign comes up short", 1 August 2019...

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1 August 2019

Cambodia: Activists from the Mekong River countries urge their govts to consider negative impacts of hydropower dams construction

Author: Sotheary Pech, Khmer Times

"Mekong river countries urged to reconsider hydropower dams", 31 July 2019...

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22 July 2019

Samsung accused of 'unsustainable labour practices' in its supply chain; Incl. co. statement

In 2019, investigative news reporters at Korean media outlet, Hankyoreh, released a series called “Global Samsung: A report on unsustainable labor practices", based on its investigations into mobile phone factories supplying to Samsung in India,...

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10 July 2019

Samsung statement in response to investigative series alleging labour abuses in factories

Author: Samsung

"Samsung's Commitment to Our Workers in Global Operations", 10 July 2019...

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8 July 2019

Samsung's response to Sherpa case

Author: Samsung Electronics

... We are aware of the legal complaint against Samsung... We are disputing its validity, and cannot comment further on the content of the investigation since this is an ongoing proceeding. We wish to remove any ambiguity created by the word “indicted”...

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6 July 2019

EU Trade Commissioner says that human & labour rights situation in Myanmar & Cambodia is going backwards

Author: Radio Free Asia

"Interview: 'We Are Worried About The Degenerated Situation For Human Rights in The Area", 1 July 2019 ...European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström....discussed the intersection between trade and human rights issues in Vietnam, Cambodia, and...

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