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9 April 2013

[PDF] Business & human rights in Eastern Europe & Central Asia – A round-up of recent developments

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This briefing highlights reports from a range of sources about how businesses have impacted human rights, positively and negatively, in Eastern Europe & Central Asia over the past four years. The briefing refers to Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan,...

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7 August 2012

Bosnia camp survivors protest for memorial at ArcelorMittal mine

Author: Daria Sito-Sucic, Reuters

[S]urvivors of a notorious prison camp in wartime Bosnia implored the world's largest steelmaker…to raise a memorial at the site, where it now digs for iron ore…The Omarska camp in northern Bosnia was one of four Serb-run camps to hold Bosnian Muslims...

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4 April 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Roma, Jews face political discrimination

Author: Human Rights Watch

...Bosnia needs to remove ethnic discrimination against national minorities from its constitution, laws, and public institutions, Human Rights Watch said. The 62-page report, “Second Class Citizens: Discrimination Against Roma, Jews, and Other...

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2 April 2012

Gender gap: Women still earning less than male counterparts [Southeast Europe]

Author: Ivana Jovanovic, Southeast European Times

Salary inequality between men and women [in Southeast Europe] is common. Although women and men are equal in the eyes of the law, they are not paid equally, largely due to a series of factors including stereotypes, unequal access to education, and...

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Company response
31 January 2012

DynCorp response to article raising concerns about sexual violence in private military & security companies

Author: DynCorp

In response, DynCorp sent the following statement:...when the Company reached out to the representatives for the filmmakers to gain more information about the movie, we were informed that the film, in the distributor’s words, ‘is a fictionalized,...

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30 January 2012

PMC Sexual Violence: It's Still a Problem

Author: David Isenberg in Huffington Post [USA]

[T]he latest issue of..."Journal of International Peace Operations," published by ISOA, a PMSC trade group, is devoted to the topic of "Women & International Security."…[T]he...release of...The Whistleblower, a fictionalized version of the...

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1 October 2011

[PDF] CSR in conflict and post-conflict environments: from risk management to value creation

Author: Maria Prandi and Josep M. Lozano (eds.), Escola de Cultura de Pau & ESADE: Institute for Social Innovation

[T]here are significant experiences of companies that are participating in peace-building in numerous...

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29 September 2011

India, Bangladesh & the Philippines lead the world in number of products made by child labourers according to US Dept. of Labor report

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29 September 2011

[PDF] U.S. Department of Labor's 2010 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

Author: US Dept. of Labor

This report contains information on the worst forms of child labor and efforts to eliminate this exploitation in 125 independent countries and a summary report on 19 nonindependent countries and territories...The report focuses exclusively on the worst...

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30 June 2011

The private sector must assume a central role in global development

Author: Peter Davis, Overseas Development Institute in Guardian [UK]

Debates about the role of the private sector in development have got stuck in a rut, and suspicion of companies runs deep…It is…incontrovertible that the most significant reductions in poverty have been a result of private sector activity...

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