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1 November 2010
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Author: Maria Prandi y Josep M. Lozano (Eds.), Escola de Cultura de Pau (UAB)/ Instituto de Innovación Social (ESADE)

Este libro...cierra una trilogía que busca identificar, evaluar y promover el papel de la empresa respecto a los tres pilares fundacionales de Naciones Unidas: los derechos humanos, el desarrollo y la construcción de paz...Esta reflexión tiene que ver....

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1 October 2010

[PDF] Private Sector Development in Conflict-Affected Environments - Key Resources for Practitioners

Author: Lisa Curtis, Peter Davis, Canan Gündüz, Andrew Ockenden, Thomas Pedrick, Tony Vaux, Joost Van Der Zwan - The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development

...The aim of this publication is to help PSD [Private Sector Development] practitioners to make better and timelier interventions in conflict affected environments (CAEs)...a peaceful society is one where there is sustained, durable stability and...

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1 June 2010

[PDF] Doing business while advancing peace and development

Author: United Nations Global Compact

Conflict affects a society at all levels…business has an interest in promoting peace and development, two main objectives of the United Nations…what is the scope of the private sector’s contribution in conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction...

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31 May 2010

[PDF] Launch of online portal on “Business, Conflict & Peace”

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Today at the United Nations in Geneva, the non-profit Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is launching the first global information hub on “Business, Conflict & Peace”...Chris Avery, Director of the Resource Centre, said: “We are giving...

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23 March 2010

Several injured in Bosnia coal mine accident

Author: Balkan Investigative Reporting Network

Fourteen miners were injured following rock burst at a coal mine in the Bosnian central town of Zenica…[F]our of them were hospitalised while the others were released. Two hospitalised miners are experiencing problems with respiratory organs after...

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1 February 2010

[video] The Benefits of Microfinance

Author: Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank [part of Co-operative Group] has created a special $50 million fund in order to support the future development of small businesses in some of the world’s poorest countries. Here we follow Belma Gracankic, a Bosnian refugee who now...

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1 January 2010

[PDF] Peacebuilding essentials for economic development practitioners. Practice note 3: Foreign Direct Investment in conflict-affected contexts

Author: John Bray, International Alert

This practice note explains why and how the operations of foreign investors are relevant for...

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10 July 2009

[DOC] ArcelorMittal responds to criticism...with spin

Author: Global Action on ArcelorMittal

…ArcelorMittal published a response to Global Action on ArcelorMittal’s recent report, entitled ArcelorMittal: Going nowhere slowly, saying that “many of the allegations found in the report are inaccurate and based on distorted facts”…[T]he company has...

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Company response
22 May 2009

ArcelorMittal’s response to the report “ArcelorMittal: Going nowhere slowly” by Global Action on ArcelorMittal

Author: ArcelorMittal

The ArcelorMittal Group does not endorse this report, as many of the allegations found in the report are inaccurate…[I]n Liberia, we have developed a detailed Social Action and Resettlement Plan for affected communities which is designed to World Bank/...

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12 May 2009

ArcelorMittal continues to pollute and uproot people’s lives

Author: CEE Bankwatch

ArcelorMittal needs to move beyond good intentions on environmental and social improvements…[T]he company continues to destroy the environment, risk people’s lives and displace local communities, according to a new report…by the Global Action on...

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