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16 January 2013

Public Eye Awards 2013

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

For the annual "Public Eye Awards", which the organisers (Greenpeace Switzerland & Berne Declaration) say are for the "worst cases of corporate human rights abuses and environmental misdeeds", seven companies were nominated in January 2013....

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1 October 2012

[PDF] Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and Japan

Author: Jörg Polakiewicz, Nagoya University

The paper provides an analysis and overview over the existing human rights standards relating to business...It also analyses existing law and practice regarding civil and criminal liability of corporations...in Europe and [USA]...[as well as] Japan’s...

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30 August 2012

Food company prepares for poverty in Europe

Author: Portugal News Online

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods company Unilever is looking to learn from its marketing experience in Asia by selling some products in smaller, cheaper packages with the objective of accommodating the pockets of cash-strapped European consumers pushed...

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14 June 2012

Governments & companies can collaborate to protect freedom of expression & privacy online, says report commissioned by Global Network Initiative

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14 June 2012

[PDF] Digital Freedoms in International Law: Practical Steps to Protect Human Rights Online

Author: Ian Brown & Douwe Korff, Global Network Initiative

While states are responsible for protecting human rights online under international law, companies responsible for Internet infrastructure, products and services can play an important supporting role. Companies also have a legal and corporate social...

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4 June 2012

ILO Conference: ITUC outraged at Employers attack on ILO system

Author: Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

The employers’ group today blocked discussion of some of the worst cases of worker rights violations at the annual ILO conference in Geneva...Employers have hijacked the process based on a misplaced ideological conviction that the right to strike,...

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2 April 2012

Gender gap: Women still earning less than male counterparts [Southeast Europe]

Author: Ivana Jovanovic, Southeast European Times

Salary inequality between men and women [in Southeast Europe] is common. Although women and men are equal in the eyes of the law, they are not paid equally, largely due to a series of factors including stereotypes, unequal access to education, and...

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31 December 2011

[PDF] Final report: Intl. civil litigation for human rights violations

Author: Intl. Civil Litigation and the Interest of the Public, Intl. Law Association

The draft resolution proposed by the Committee for adoption by the full house of the International Law Association is aimed at proposing Guidelines or best practices to address the private international law issues which often face national courts when...

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8 December 2011

Migrants in the EU: One in three foreign-born persons aged 25 to 54 overqualified for their job: Compared with one person in five among the native-born

Author: Eurostat

Over the years, migration has had an impact on the composition of European societies. In 2010, foreign-born persons accounted for 9.4% of the EU27 population. Their socio-economic situation was in general less favourable than for native-born persons....

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4 November 2011

Legal weapon that gives corporations the edge on governments

Author: Bibi van der Zee, Guardian [UK]

The investor state dispute mechanism (ISDM) is...being used by Philip Morris to sue the Australian government over its plans to discourage smoking...There is growing concern among legal experts and the countries hit by these legal cases that the...

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