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22 May 2020

Commentary: ICAR predicts rise in companies & governments silencing dissent through strategic lawsuits & COVID measures

Author: International Corporate Accountability Roundtable

"Silencing dissent — it’s easier in a COVID world," 20 May 2020...

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11 May 2020

COVID-19 highlights lack of social protections for Roma communities facing increased health risks, economic deprivation & stigmatisation 

Author: Shaun Walker, The Guardian

"Europe's marginalised Roma people hit hard by coronavirus", 11 May 2020...

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27 April 2020
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Author: Evelyne Salamero, Force Ouvrière (France)

« Europe : atteintes aux droits syndicaux en période de pandémie », 26 avril 2020...

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21 April 2020

COVID-19 poses increased risks at intersection of poverty, illegal business activities & rights defense, Front Line Defenders analysis shows

Author: Jewel Joseph & Ed O’Donovan, Front Line Defenders

"Defending rights during a pandemic: Impact of Covid-19 on the safety and work of human rights defenders", 17 Apr 2020...

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16 April 2020

Commentary: Resilience in COVID-19 crisis in Europe strongest where workers have voice through collective bargaining

Author: Oliver Reothig, Social Europe

"Resilience in the corona crisis—strongest where workers enjoy collective power", 14 April 2020...

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9 April 2020

Hungary: Wizz Air aircraft brings more PPE from China in response to COVID-19

Author: Budapest Business Journal (Hungary)

Wizz Air aircraft bringing more PPE from China to Hungary, 3 April 2020 ...

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6 April 2020

Autocracies & democracies around the world suppress COVID-19 information & crack down on activists

Author: Joshua Keating, Slate

"Strongman Medicine: Suspicious Numbers and Brutal Quarantines", 02 Apr 2020...

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24 February 2020

Just Labs proposes new narrative strategies to counter populist crack down on human rights

Author: Just Labs

"Be the narrative: How changing the narrative could revolutionize what it means to do human rights", Nov 2019 [W]e [Just Labs and 12 human rights organisations] identified a… narrative strategy of controversy, crisis and conflict used by populists ...

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11 November 2019

Civil society faces increasing difficulty in performing role 'effectively', report on 5 EU countries finds; highlights link to social & labour rights

Civil society in five EU countries say they face increasing difficulty in carrying out their role effectively due to 'insufficient meaningful participation' in decision-making processes, and claim national authorities do not sufficiently prioritise the...

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26 September 2019

Commentary: Joint statement on rights in cyberspace does not adequately ensure protections for rights to expression & privacy

Author: Rebecca Mackinnon, Ranking Digital Rights

"What should governments do?", 26 September 2019...

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