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25 May 2018

Romania: Coal mining activities of Complexul Energetic Oltenia allegedly linked to premature deaths

On 15 May 2018, Aljazeera published an article entitled "The hidden cost of coal in Romania". Here, coal is used to produce about a quarter of the country's energy. The article also talks about the impact on human rights, health and the environment of...

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24 May 2018

Complexul Energetic Oltenia's response

Author: Complexul Energetic Oltenia

...Considering the article published in Aljazeera on May 15, 2018, i.e. "The hidden costs of coal in Romania", we are hereby submitting the answers of Complexul Energetic Oltenia at the request of Mrs. Claudia Ciobanu, a freelancer reporter, with...

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13 April 2018

UK: A third of European migrants victims of modern slavery practices in the construction industry, survey finds

Author: Anca Alexe, Business Review

"Romanians and other European migrants, victims of “modern slavery” practices in the UK construction industry", 11 April 2018...

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7 March 2018

CIVICUS' new annual report warns about growing role of private sector in governance

Author: CIVICUS (South Africa)

"CIVICUS: State of Civil Society Report 2018 - Year in Review: Top 10 trends", 06 Mar 2018...

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19 January 2018

EU Fundamental Rights Agency finds civil society in all member states is facing increasing challenges

Author: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU)

"Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU", 19 Jan 2018...

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15 December 2017

Commentary: Research finds garment workers in Europe often earn less than living wage

Author: Corina Ajder, Digital Development Debates

"Europe's working poor", April 2017...

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26 October 2017

Romania: Lobbying from foreign investors led to changes in labour laws that weaken workers’ rights, finds academic research

Author: Crina Boros, Investigate Europe & Johnny Green (The Black Sea)

"How Romania sold out its workers to foreign investors for IMF and EU cash", 24 Oktober 2017...

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19 October 2017
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Author: Fabrice Nodé-Langlois, Le Figaro (France)

« En Europe, les femmes gagnent 16% de moins que les hommes », 18 octobre 2017...

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6 October 2017
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Author: Auriane Kerbrat, Transportissimo (France)

« La Supply Chain ou le risque de l'esclavage moderne en Europe », 5 octobre 2017...

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7 September 2017

European Court of Human Rights rules employers checking staff’s work emails without previous warning breach employees’ right to privacy

Author: Owen Bowcott & Kevin Rawlinson, Guardian (UK)

“Romanian whose messages were read by employer 'had privacy breached'”, 5 Sep 2017...

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