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7 May 2017

Failure to guarantee a living wage is persistent problem for global apparel industry, says report

Author: The Circle

"Fashion focus: the fundamental right to a living wage," May 2017...

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15 March 2017

Eastern European lorry drivers exploited in IKEA's supply chain, BBC investigation finds

Author: Zoe Conway, BBC News

"Ikea drivers living in trucks for months"...

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14 February 2017

Gabriel Resources' lawsuit against Romania highlights problems with investor-state dispute settlement & intl. trade deals, says report

Author: Corporate Europe Observatory

"Gold-digging through investor-state lawsuits. Canadian mining corporation sues to force Romanians to accept toxic Roşia Montană goldmine", 13 Feb 2017...

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23 January 2017
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Author: Аргументы и факты

"Почти 40 человек пострадали во время пожара в ночном клубе Бухареста", 21 января 2017 года...

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2 December 2016
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23 November 2016
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Author: Spiegel

Der Hersteller von Kinder-Überraschungseiern geht nach eigenen Angaben Vorwürfen nach, wonach Spielzeug für die bekannten Süßwaren von rumänischen Kindern hergestellt werden. Die Ermittlungen würden mit Hochdruck geführt, teilte der italienische...

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22 November 2016

Romania: Investigation exposes child labour & exploitative conditions in Kinder Egg (owned by Ferrero) supply chain

Author: Nick Parker, Sun (UK)

"eggsploitation exposed: Kinder Egg ‘slaves’ paid 22p-an-hour to work 13-hour shifts making toys hidden inside chocolate treats are helped by kids aged SIX", 21 Nov 2016...

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13 October 2016

Intl. investment policy exacerbates vulnerabilities of people to corporate land grabs, says expert

Author: Lorenzo Cotula, International Institute for Environment and Development

"‘Land Grabbing’ and International Investment Law: Toward a Global Reconfiguration of Property?", Oct 2016...

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2 October 2016

UK: Romanian workers at Tesco car wash allegedly paid half the minimum wage

Author: Dominic Callaghan & Rumeana Jahangir, BBC News

A car wash at a Tesco store was found using Romanian workers who were paid half the minimum wage......

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31 August 2016

Investigative series looks at inequalities & injustices in intl. investment arbitration

Buzzfeed News investigates the injustices of investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) in a four part series. The series explores how the threat of arbitration is enough to chill government regulation, how ISDS helps executives escape punishment &...

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