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8 November 2019

Govts. of India, Russia & Turkey censor social media & blog content the most, according to new research

Author: Paul Bischoff,

"Which government censors the tech giants the most?" 1 Oct 2019...

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7 November 2019

Facebook suspends Russian accounts that meddled in the domestic politics of 8 African countries

Author: Africanews

"Facebook suspends fake accounts for meddling in 8 African countries," 31 October 2019....

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28 October 2019

Experts highlight 8 key challenges to the future of Russian–African relations, including the social role of Russian companies operating in the continent

Author: World Econmic Forum, Davos (Switzerland)

"8 key challenges to the future of Russian–African relations", 27 October 2019...

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25 October 2019

African countries increasingly considering nuclear energy to meet electricity needs

Author: Chiponda Chimbelu, Deutsche Welle

"African countries mull nuclear energy as Russia extends offers", 22 October 2019....

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16 October 2019
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Author: Alessandra Corrêa, BBC News Brasil (Brazil)

“Estudo diz que 20 empresas respondem por um terço de toda a emissão de CO2 no mundo; Petrobras está na lista”, 10 de outubro de 2019...

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19 September 2019

UN Human Rights Office documents growing reprisals against civil society for cooperating with United Nations

Author: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

"Human rights: Reported reprisals on the rise, says UN", 19 Sep 2019...

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9 September 2019

UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries highlights the human rights impacts of the relationship between PMSCs and the extractive sector

Author: UN Human Rights Council (Geneva)

"Relationship between private military and security companies and the extractive industry from a human rights perspective. Report of the Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right...

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28 August 2019
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Author: Сибирь.Реалии

"Я считаю, что это геноцид". Жители Кузбасса обратились в Международный уголовный суд, 27 авнусиа 2019 года...

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19 August 2019

Microsoft criticised for investing in Israeli facial recognition company allegedly conducting surveillance on Palestinians

Some civil society groups and privacy activists are criticising Microsoft's investment in AnyVision, an Israeli facial recognition company which is allegedly carrying out surveillance on Palestinians. In June 2019, Microsoft’s M12 venture capital arm...

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11 August 2019

Verisk Maplecroft's Human Rights Outlook 2019 says risks spread for businesses & civil society as more countries embrace authoritarian tactics

Author: Verisk Maplecroft

"‘Strongmen’ regimes lead charge against freedom of speech and privacy: Human Rights Outlook 2019", 07 Aug 2019...

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